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Rowing Machine Workout – All You Need To Know

Rowing Machine Workout – All You Need To Know

What Is A Rowing Machine?

This is a piece of equipment that people can find in every gym. The exercise equipment that is also known by the name of indoor rower or ergometer simulates the movement done when rowing a boat in the water. And this type of fitness machine can bring many advantages and effectiveness for its users because rowing is actually challenging, a real cardio training, a calorie buster and even muscle builder and toner.

A rowing machine basically consists in a long frame, a braked flywheel set in front of the frame and a handle that will be pulled back to mimic a rowing movement. As the rest of the fitness machines that are found in a gym, this one also comes with a monitor, so that people can track the timer, speed, distance and, of course, calories blazed.

How Rowers Work?

The machine is easy to use and the pattern of movements is designed to avoid injuries, such as back, shoulders or knees injuries. Nevertheless, in order to ensure a proper and effective workout, there are some simple steps to take into consideration, regarding the proper use of rowing machines.

First, pay attention to the position on the rowing machine. Sit on the seat and keep your elbows close to the body. Then, the correct exercise consists in the catch position, when the arms are extended, then start pushing the foot pads with your legs until they are fully extended. Then slide back into the initial position, arms forward and while carefully bending the knees.


What Muscles Do Rowers Work?

The point often overlooked is that this piece of exercise equipment is a good way to tone the muscles, to burn calories, thus fat, and to improve your cardio fitness.

When people row they use the upper, core and lower part of the body. The upper part includes the arm muscles, back muscles and also chest muscles. So, when pulling the arms and shoulders back, the movement involves the biceps, triceps, and chest muscles and also the back muscles. Also, the core muscles will contract during the movement, in order to avoid the collapsing of the lower back. Last, but not least, the stroke starts with the leg push, thus involving the muscles located in the front and in the back of the thighs.


Benefits Using a Rowing Machine

In other words, this machine can ensure a compact and effective workout for the whole body and also health of a person. Consider the various advantages that this type of workout may bring, such as weight loss and improvements for the heart, lungs, and overall cardiovascular fitness. Also, through a rowing routine, people can improve both muscular endurance and muscular strength. So, the muscles will grow and become stronger. Moreover, due to its low impact, people who simply maintain the correct position have little to none injury risks or harmful impact on joints and back.

The training routine can be done individually or in groups and are quite accessible, as rowing machines can be found in most gyms.

Final Thought

As shown above, rowing can be considered a workout itself and can bring many health and fitness benefits, on the long run. Used adequately and respecting some simple exercise steps, this is an exercise routine that brings only advantages, and no risks.