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Rowing Machine Techniques For Safe And Productive Workouts

Rowing Machine Techniques

It is always a good idea to know effective rowing machine techniques for the best workout results. Studies have shown that some people after purchasing a rowing machine and using it often experience sprains, lower back pain and just to mention a few. One of the basic reasons to these problems is the lack of good posture. The inability to properly use a rower can lead to other health complications as well.

From research and feasibility study, a rowing machine usually has about 4 steps to each stroke users take. This can be found in the likes of finish, drive, recovery, and catch. Each stroke always starts with the catch and when power is generated, the drive will follow. Recovery remains the precursor to beginning a new stroke. Obviously, finish marks the end of a stroke. To boost the advantages of your exercise without any problem, understanding how each phase is performed will help greatly. Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover great rowing machine techniques that provide users with the best results.

The Drive – The Power Generating Phase:

The drive is one of the best techniques that you can always rely on. During the driving process, you will have to completely extend your legs. Pushing against the foot pads or stretcher is also important to get a good result. You will have to continue through the extension by keep your body upright. While bringing the motion backward, this strategy will engage the core of your body. The force or energy required by the legs will increase as you move backward. Ensure that your legs are placed in a flat position before pulling the handlebar toward yourself. At this juncture, the handlebar should not go beyond your chest level.

The Recovery – The Precursor To Beginning A New Stroke/Final Phase:

You will have to slide slowly backward to the original or initial position of the stroke during recovery. With this technique, you will be able to recover quickly from the finish or final stage and the drive phase. Your body will pass through the movements of the drive but in the opposite order. This phase will also enable your arms to be completely straight and extended. It is important to move your torso back over the pelvis in order to get the best results. Ensure to position your hands over the knees. This will enable your legs to bend toward the foot pads or stretcher again. Provided your back is parallel to the thighs, you will easily get into the catch phase again.

Hints To Enhance Rowing Machine Techniques:

To keep your body in proper form, there are certain tips that can help to enhance rowing machine techniques. This will also ensure that your workout is safe and productive. You can read on to find great tips when considering how to use an indoor rower.

The elbows should not be stuck like wings. Even if your arms are in a contracted shape, ensure to keep the elbows tucked close to the body

You can always maintain your wrists in a straight position. They should not be turned or bend outward or inward

Ensure to maintain your hands in a low position. Your hands should not be above the mid-chest level

Your hands should not be pulled toward the machine