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Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing machines are a great fitness equipment invention that have benefits that are often overlooked by your average fitness participant. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different situations and can be purchased relatively inexpensively for home usage going up to very expensive professional versions for places like gyms.For the average user, a rowing machine gives a comprehensive low impact workout. Therefore, a rowing machine is ideal for those who have difficulties with joint aches and pains for example. Even if you don’t have joint issues with rowing machine exercises being low impact it can also prevent any possible injuries.

Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing machines are great for cardiovascular and overall fitness. Rowing is one of the only exercises that uses every major muscle group in your body. So any overall fitness regime would be lacking if it did not include some rowing machine work.For the upper body shoulder, upper and lower back are worked. For lower body legs, thighs, calves and buttocks are worked. Very few exercises can boast that broad level of targeting. However, this does mean that good quality technique must be used in order to avoid injury.

Rowing machines are also great for calories burning as well with one hour exercise being able to burn over 600 calories. Walking for the same amount of time, depending on your weight is likely to burn far less than half of this amount of calories.

The great thing about rowing machine exercise is that muscular strength and endurance are both improved. Rowing is more of a muscular endurance enhancing exercise meaning that it helps your muscles withstand longer periods of usage. However, evidence suggests that it does also improve the strength of your muscles as well.

Rowing machines exercise is tough but effective exercise and it is useful to have others performing the routine with you where possible. This is unlikely to possible in a home environment but if you exercise at a gym having some company makes the hard work psychologically easier.Many fitness enthusiasts dismiss rowing machines as being boring and repetitive. However, you can easily introduce some variety by for example increasing or reducing resistance, altering how movements are performed and adopting a change in incline or decline.

As you can see rowing machines are an incredibly versatile exercise option. Providing low risk, highly effective exercise at a low cost you really cannot go wrong. It is definitely worth giving rowing machines a second look if you have abandoned them in the past.