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Magnetic Rowers- Your Best Workout Partner

Magnetic Rowers- Your Best Workout Partner

There are various home types of fitness equipment in the market today, but rowing machines offer the best way to get in shape and to tone your upper and lower body. Rowers not only helps improve your aerobic capacity, but they also help enhance your overall flexibility and to strengthen your muscles as well. There are three major types of rowing machines in the market and each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

The three types of rowing machines include; the inexpensive Hydraulic Rowing Machines which can be easily folded and stored in a small area. However, they are not usually as smooth in their motion as other types. Air Rowing Machines are the second type of rowing machines. They are reasonably inexpensive as well and can offer better resistance, but on the downside, the air rowing machines tend to be very noisy. Air resistance machines are best suited for professional rowers since the machine’s resistance changes as the stroke rate changes.

The third and the best type of rowing machines is the Magnetic Rowing Machine. They are the best version of the real rowing you can get on a home workout equipment. The magnetic rower machines come with mass amount of features and varied adjustability which have made this type of exercise machine a favorite with the owners of home gymnasiums and people of all fitness levels and ages.

The following are some of the best features that Magnetic Rowers have to offer.

-Smooth Motion

Magnetic Rowers use electromagnets in their operation to create a mechanical brake with the flywheel. The use of electromagnets allows this type of rowing machine to achieve a smooth motion. In contrast to air and hydraulic rowers which tend to be noisy, the magnetic rowers they are almost silent.

-A Wide Range of Resistance Levels

In a rowing work out machine, magnetic resistance is the one that provides the user with most likely resistance ranges, this is basically achieved through a combination of user preferred settings and then harmonized by the force applied during the a workout. A Magnetic Rowing Exercise Machine will provide the user with the widest range of resistance levels possible, with some models of magnetic rowers approaching infinite resistance!


A high-quality Magnetic Rower can very easily last for up to twenty years. So if durability is one of your main concerns, I would highly recommend that you check out magnetic rowers first. Moreover, these types of rowers are almost maintenance free unlike the other types of rowing machines which requires to be regularly maintained.

-Interactive Monitors

Most of the magnetic resistance machines you will find in the market come with a number of interactive monitors. These monitors allow the user to adjust to his/her preferred resistance levels. One is also able to measure the heart rate during the work out. Magnetic models come with different price tags. The most expensive models features additional monitors and resistance ranges.


A lot of research has been done and indicates that rowing is one of the best forms of cardio you can get. Not only does it give your heart a perfect exercise, but it also requires you to involve almost all muscle groups throughout your whole body. In a full rowing movement, you will be required to use your trunk, legs and arms to counter the resistance exerted by the machine. No other exercise equipment comes as close as a magnetic rowing machine to maximizing this kind of action. With the micro adjustability of this kind of rower you can be assured of getting the best work out ever.