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Home Rowing Machine Basics

Home Rowing Machine Basics

Are you looking for the best all-around exercise that you can have in your home without necessarily having to go out to the gym? If so, then you need to consider home rowing machines. These machines will allow you indulge in the exercises similar to rowing a real boat and provide a complete body workout.

During the workout exercise, you will have to board the rowing machine is the same way you would board a real boat. Your knees will need to be bent, the feet rested on the foot rest and your hands should grip the handles which you will use for maneuvering. For you to start the workout, you will need to pull the handles to your chest and simultaneously extend your legs to push the seat backwards. By doing this, you will get a feeling similar to that you would get when engaging in outdoor rowing.

A good home rowing machine will help you with cardiovascular exercise. You can use it to strengthen your heart. A healthy heart can allow you to play harder, run faster and last long. The rowing machine will not only build your stamina but also raise your endurance level.

Aside from building your stamina, the rowing machine, which is non-weight lifting exercise equipment, will hardly stress your joints. Rowing machines are distinguishable into different types based on their resistance types. The resistance generated by the machines accomplishes two main purposes:

a. You can have more intense workouts with more resistance
b. You can enhance your rowing experience by using machines with more resistance

Here is a brief list of main three resistance types:
i. Air resistance-This is one of the most common rowing machine, and chances are that you have seen one of these at your local gym. This machine draws its strength from the spinning flywheel which is activated into motion when you pull on its handles. The air resistance increases with the intensity and strength of your pull. This allows you to vary the air resistance relative to the pull on the handles. If you are seeking for an intense workout, then a hard pull on the handles will help you achieve that. Conversely if you want to have a light rowing exercise, then you will need to ease up a little bit. The air resistant model is deal for both the intermediate and advanced rowers.
ii. Piston resistant- This machine is designed for beginners and intermediate rowers. The piston rowing machine has pistons attached to each of the two oars. This design will allow any beginner to achieve a balanced workout of his or her upper body.
iii. Water resistant- This machine is designed to mimic the actual motion that you would experience when rowing in water. The water resistant rowing machines are reserved to advanced rowers. Whenever you pull the handle, you are likely to hear some wave-like motions as though you were rowing over water.

The list above has described the three main types of rowing machines available in the markets. You should pick and buy a machine that fits your budget, skill level and the space in your house or apartment.