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Buying a Rowing Machine

Rowing is the key to home fitness, not only is it a healthy option for the body, it will build muscle mass and is a great workout for the heart and entire cardiovascular system. Employing rowing is actually very safe and its not limited by your age or build, however like any exercise it’s a gradient approach that ensures safety.

Some people purchase rowing machines and go at it hammer and tong, thus they pull a muscle and are injured. The cost of a system is cheap and nowhere near as expensive as some believe, however you get what you pay for and a leading brand is a must for both safety and reliability and is less prone to break whist exercising helping you avoid injury whilst rowing at home or in the gym. A gentle start to rowing brings about a sense of achievement, the building of muscles and progression to a healthier life.

On this site we will give you all the information you need on rowing including a selection of best buy – leading brand rowing machine plus alternative lower priced models for you to compare.

Reasons to use a Rowing Machine

Rowing first and foremost is the best workout you can give your body, you can use it at home or go to the local gym, its healthy and fits the lifestyle of thousands of people in the UK today.
1. Burns calories: Using a rowing machine you can burn lots of calories per hour and if only for this reasons it’s the most complete workout on the market. In an hour your heart and whole system will start to feel the benefits.
2. Complete upper body exercise: Whilst pulling the line or oars, you upper torso is given a complete exercise thus raising muscle mass, increasing strength in your shoulders and arms (biceps, pecs and abs) and off course your chest.
3. With the calories dropping off and eating a healthy diet you can off course expect to lose weight making you look and feel great and with this more confidence.

Types of Indoor Rowing Machines

There are 4 types of Rowing Machine son the market in the UK, whilst they are all different in technique; they all ultimately achieve the same result.

Piston  Resistance:


This is your typical low cost rower for those starting out using this machine. Featuring dual hydraulic pistons attached to a solid frame usually made of steel. By setting the amount of resistance you pull on the handle bars and it’s pretty much as simple as that. Ideal for new or advanced users they are generally lightweight and deliver a great exercise session. Brands include York, Body Sculptor, V-Fit and more.

Water Resistance

Classed by many as the crème de la crème these machines feature a water tank as a means of resistance, very aesthetic to the eye they are easy to use and many come with preloaded software to ensure a great workout every time. Featuring a flywheel design the resistance is adjustable to suit your needs. With a padded seat, easy storage and solid you will not be disappointed.

Air Resistance


The most common type of machine however it delivers on all fronts. Ideal for a workout at home it features a large flywheel housed in a  steel frame. Roller mounted with a luxury padded seat, this machine is best for new or advanced users. Generally it’s one of the safest machines on the market and delivers all the benefits of water and piston machines.Pretty much maintenance free its ideal for young and old alike.

 Magnetic Rowers


Ideal for the larger room, these machines employ a set of electromagnets which create the required amount of resistance thus giving you a great workout. Resistance is adjustable as your confidence grows and the operation of the unit is very quite. They are maintenance free, bar a wipe with a cloth and feature a padded seat for comfort.

Rowing Machine Checklist

– Size

An important feature will you fit in the unit. By and large, many units feature adjustable body slides to accommodate most body types however its strongly advised to check the overall length and weight the unit will carry to ensure your not disappointed

– Construction:

All steel is best with the air, magnetic and piston rowers (exception being water units). All metal units off course will tend to last longer.

– Dimensions:

Will the rower fit in your home? By checking the overall dimensions you will be able to order confidently knowing it will fit in your room. Some models are collapsible however so are not so do check both the model you wish to buy and the room its going into.