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Body Sculpture BR1900 Twin Hydraulic Rower

Body Sculpture BR1900 Twin Hydraulic Rower

Initial Impression

As far as relatively compact rowing machines are concerned, it really doesn’t get any better than the Body Sculpture BR1900 twin hydraulic rower.

Designed specifically for home gym use, owners of this particular rowing machine appreciate its twin hydraulic variable resistance system, it’s incredibly lightweight construction, and the fact that it effortlessly packs away for simple storage in nearly any closet.


One of the biggest advantages that this particular rowing system brings to the table is the inclusion of the twin hydraulic rowing platform.

Using an integrated dual hydraulic piston system, users are going to be able to adjust the resistance that this particular machine puts out. Not only will they be able to control the “up” resistance on the rowing machine, but they’ll also be able to control the “down” resistance as well.

This gives people serious about getting in a real workout the ability to maximize the time that they spend using this piece of equipment.

Another big benefit is the fact that it is so compact and so lightweight. One of the smallest rowing machines available, you won’t have any difficulty whatsoever folding it up and packing it away when you need to store it.


Of course, whenever we’re talking about a compact rowing machine like this one you have to realize that you aren’t going to get quite as much utility out of the system as you would have with a larger platform.

This is a rowing machine and a rowing machine only. The range of motion on this rowing machine is quite limited compared to other platforms, and while it is definitely going to be able to provide you with a rigorous workout it’s not going to be quite as taxing as one you would get with a more traditional set up.

At this price point though, it’s really difficult to complain!

Final Verdict

Those looking to add a compact rowing machine to their home gym set up, or those that just want to make sure that they aren’t wasting their money on a compact rowing system are going to want to be sure to get their hands on the Body Sculpture BR1900 twin hydraulic rower.

Compact, durable, very well-made, and ridiculously smooth on both the up and the down motion, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with everything that this rowing machine brings to the table!